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About BBA

Bateman Beijing Axis (BBA) is a China-focused global procurement house that does intelligent procurement in a way that balances total cost, delivery time and quality. For international clients we do China procurement for projects and equipment; for both Chinese and international clients we market and procure commodities and raw materials, and also provide financing assistance.

Clients turn to us for strategic, operational and transactional support. We offer them insight, impact, reliability and confidence on the basis of a highly synergistic partnership between:

  • Bateman Engineering N.V.—a global leader in the execution of feasibility work and the design, engineering, procurement and construction management of mineral processing plants, and
  • THE BEIJING AXIS Ltd.—a cross-border business bridge to/from China focused on three principal areas: Strategy, Sourcing and Investment

BBA has significant experience in sourcing raw materials, components, finished goods, specially designed/engineered equipment and services from mainland China, and are also able to project manage complicated outsourced manufacturing ventures where highly technical and complex design, engineering, product development and testing are required. Our core sourcing focus is on the Chinese mining and resources sector, as well as on China’s burgeoning industrial and engineering sectors.

Synergy between two JV partners

The combination of Bateman Engineering N.V.’s core project management capability and leading process engineering technologies, together with THE BEIJING AXIS’ (TBA) analytical approach, China sourcing experience and knowledge, as well as both entities’ established networks and supplier databases, ensure the right management of all aspects of a China sourcing initiative while adding value and mitigating risks. By following a systematic project methodology, BBA is able to provide intelligent sourcing solutions that balance total cost, delivery time and quality in order to achieve sustainable sourcing advantages. The Bateman Beijing Axis joint venture is:

  • Based on over 5 years of China sourcing collaboration between Bateman Engineering N.V. and THE BEIJING AXIS Ltd.
  • Strategically important to both joint venture partners and long term in nature
  • A perfect synergy and complementarity of skills that provide clients with comprehensive solutions
  • Supported by both CEOs, top management and all layers of the partner organisations
  • Represented in joint/shared offices around the world i.e. Beijing, Johannesburg, Perth, Bangalore and Moscow
  • Supported by Bateman Engineering’s large company systems, platforms and procedures
  • Fuelled by THE BEIJING AXIS’ entrepreneurial culture, flexibility and speed

As a result of synergy between the two partners, BBA is a China-focused global procurement house with enhanced procurement scope and greater project execution leverage.