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Tibet autonomous region is located in Southwest China, is the world’s highest plateau in the southwest. Here, both enchanting snowy scenery, and the beautiful southern characteristic, therefore, to master certain knowledge of Tibet tourism and travel to Tibet to meet is very necessary. The Tibet autonomous region has a “ roof of the world “, due to the elevation is very high, so the air is thin, low atmospheric pressure, oxygen content, but the sun ‘s radiation is very strong, large temperature difference between day and night.

Special Packages of Tibet

Because of the Tibet plateau landform landforms is complex and diverse, has formed the unique highland climate. There are famous in the world of Potala Palace, where Tibet is now in Lhasa, Tibet is the most complete castle building group, and is the world’s cultural heritage. Tibet has many temples, such as the Jokhang Monastery, Ganden, Sakya Monastery, tashilhunpo, Changzhu temple, the temple of Tibet area special field of culture. In addition to a large number of temples, there are many historical sites, such as Jiangzi in the mountain king tomb, anti-British site, site of the Guge Kingdom, said Tibet’s food, the most famous is the flesh of flocks and herds: the Tibetan people’s daily life mainly for meat and dairy products.


Pastoral life in general is not edible vegetable, only has a single diet structure, so Tibet is a high fat and high protein region. Because of the Tibetan people, the consumption of a large number of cattle and sheep meat food, because the heat is very high, so the high altitude residents can play the role of cold. Maybe the Tibetan people to beef and mutton-based, so they can eat raw meat, dried beef and mutton are often used to entertain guests a food. In addition to food, Tibetan drinks is also famous, the most well known is buttered tea, sweet tea, highland barley wine. These are the Tibetan people’s essential drinks, is also used to entertain guests the best drinks.


Butter tea is often associated with the staple food Zanba. And tea name, butter tea and sweet tea has the functions of tea. Like Chinese tea to guests of the habits, in Tibet, the Tibetan people would use butter tea hospitality.

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Tibet, in the scenery, the culture of the same mysterious, afford much food for thought, only if we grasp more Tibet tourism knowledge, can deepen to the mythological place of understanding, but also for the future to travel to Tibet to prepare for the minority, strengthen the link between doing a good pave the way.


You must know Tibet tourism information


1, what is the high altitude reaction? What are the symptoms of altitude sickness?

Altitude is reached a certain altitude, the body to adapt to the altitude caused by the pressure difference, with low oxygen content, air drying and other changes, and the natural physiological response, altitude generally reach 2700 meters, there will be altitude reaction. symptoms of altitude sickness usually manifested as: headache, shortness of breath, chest distress, anorexia, fever, dizziness, fatigue and other micro. Some people because of less oxygen and lips and fingertips: purple, sleepiness, excited spirit can’t sleep, sleep and so on the different performance. Some people because of air drying and appear: rough skin, chapped lips, nose bleeding or blood clots and other product.

2, how to avoid or reduce the plateau response?

vast majority of people to Tibet is not high altitude reaction, generally what people will have high altitude reaction without rule, avoid or reduce the plateau response is the best way to maintain a good attitude to face it, many of the symptoms are psychological effects or have the psychological effect and cause, for example: on the plateau of fear, a lack of preparation and overcome the plateau determined person, appear altitude reaction will have more opportunities.

Suggestions for beginning to plateau, not fast walking, running or more can not run, can not do manual labor, not overeating, so as not to increase the burden of digestive organs, not drinking and smoking, eat more vegetables and fruit rich in vitamin food, moderate drinking, pay attention to keeping warm, less take a shower to avoid catching a cold and physical. Don ‘t start with oxygen, as far as possible to adapt to it, otherwise, you may be in the plateau will never leave the oxygen ( dependence very strong).

Can take some relief plateau responses to drugs: Plateau Rhodiola ( at least 10 days in advance to take ), American ginseng tablets, capsules ( to alleviate extreme fatigue very useful ), Bufferin ( control altitude reaction induced headache ), American ginseng ( to alleviate extreme fatigue are used ), pill, but the effect is not obviously special, is generally thought to have self comfort of psychotherapy, and maintain a good mentality effect. plateau adaptable man, general altitude reaction symptoms in 1-2 days can be eliminated, adaptability of weak 3-4 days.

3, after the arrival in Tibet of altitude sickness and what did I do?

Tibet general guesthouse or have a certain scale of the town has a hospital or hospital, mild altitude reaction by self adjusting to accommodate it, serious can see a doctor. Appear altitude reaction, should be more rest, less activity, adhere to eat, can take some drugs alleviate altitude reaction.

Serious high altitude reaction, for example: edema, pulmonary edema, severe cold symptoms, suggest a certain to hospital infusion, oxygen therapy, and soon left the plateau, in Lhasa more convenient, daily flights in and out of Lhasa, take flight, general altitude reaction into a plane or to a plain disappeared not the least trace was found., and without any sequelae.

4, to the body what? What the patient should not be in Tibet? Do you want to check? Need to exercise?

addition to maintain a good attitude, for the health of the body does not have special requirements, with severe respiratory, cardiac, cardiovascular, psychiatric disease who should not be there, therefore, to have severe hypertension, heart disease, ( a ), diabetes, bronchitis flu patients with circumscribed in tibet. Tibet generally does not require physical examination, no more than a few serious disease people can go to Tibet. Recommended before Tibet deliberately not to exercise, because exercise after physical, oxygen consumption increased, increased in the Tibet heart burden, but easily lead to high altitude reaction.

5, a cold why not go to the Tibet? Tibet cold how to do?

Cold patients because of its body is destroyed, the disease-resistant ability is abate, and increase its ability to resist loads, with a severe cold to easily converted to other high altitude disease, especially pulmonary edema — a particularly dangerous high altitude disease, timely treatment is not easy to have life danger. Influenza patients, must be cold cured after the Tibet, Tibet can take cold germs.

Tibet a cold, generally without much of a problem, because in the plateau has a certain degree of adaptability and resistance, the body basically is adjusted, timely treatment can be, but also, Tibet physician treatment of colds are very experienced.

Popular Tibet Airlines departure cities

Take some medicine for cold, once the influenza-like symptoms, they take some common cold medicines, usually 1-2 days, the symptoms can disappear.

6, Tibet is convenient to take a shower?

Tibet has a certain scale of the city ( such as: Lhasa, Shigatse, Jiangzi, Zhangmu Town, in Linzhi, Nagqu, take a shower ) are local, general star hotel standard room has independent toilet, hot water, can take a shower, many hostels also have public baths, timing supply of hot water, take a shower is convenient. First arrived in Tibet to take a shower take a shower, as little as possible or not, in order to avoid catching a cold, take a shower or because of exhaustion caused by excessive or exacerbation of the plateau response, arrived a few days later, the body adapt to the highland climate, take a shower in general there is no problem. Due to Tibet’s air drying, evaporation is fast and the night temperature is cold, people in Tibet are generally not particularly want to take a shower, and not feel uncomfortable.

7, hear Tibet by plane than the overland to altitude sickness worse?

Flying to and from land to each have advantages and disadvantages, but there is no good or bad. plateau response is arriving in the plateau after 3-4 hours later there may be, Tibet by plane, if there is a high altitude reaction, which have arrived at the place of stay, can get sufficient rest and adjust and even a severe reaction, also can adopt some formal adjuvant therapy, more convenient. Land in, although the elevation rises gradually, theoretically beneficial adaptations to altitude sickness, but because of all the mysterious land conditions are very bad, especially long-distance car, car air is not good, space is narrow, and the long-distance rides, bumps, physical exertion, especially large, but is easy to cause altitude sickness, particularly land and over several at an elevation of 5000 meters above the mountain, and once a severe reaction, emergency treatment facilities are not, but more dangerous.

8, time is very tight, I how to choose Tibet tourist route?

For the time is tight, aircraft and more suitable for you, you can choose one in Lhasa four or Tibet golden tourist line Lhasa – Jiangzi – Shigatse six days tour. addition, the travel agency to arrange your trip to Tibet is a wise choice, you do not have to collect information, screening data, arrange, consider, consider selecting circuit catering accommodation and many other things, you can make your idea to travel, travel society according to your request to your specific characteristic tourism line, or you can choose to travel alone or in group tours Tibet travel, or some more personality special tourism, such as: hiking, camping, challenge themselves.

9, go to good or go in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Tibet?

line is overland to the most scenic routes, but this line is the most dangerous one line, traffic is basically to gravel or stone pavement, risk from natural conditions, the line crosses the Hengduan Mountains, the rainy season many debris flow, the winter snow closing, en route to four season changing all the time, accommodation and catering conditions is very simple, more suitable for tourism explorers or depth of travel enthusiasts, is recommended for initial to tourists do not choose this route. Railway to Tibet road best line, all paved road, basically no danger, accommodation and catering conditions are relatively complete, but the scenery is dull, monotonous, for the first time in Tibet and doesn’t want to fly tourists.

10, the line along which accommodation, catering conditions?

Accommodations can guarantee, poor conditions like Chaka, river has guest house and depot can stay, other country have hotels and guest houses, basically, follow follow, few have lived full time in a hotel, where there is water, can take a shower, of course, rest houses can not ensure water. Catering is absolutely no problem, the cuisine and Muslim restaurant many, if not the desolate road, basically by the village or places of forces, ten minutes you will be able to eat a hot meal or flour, and the small shop buy a lot, you can buy instant noodles and biscuits.


Tibetan classic hikes


in addition to Tibet, no other place than here is more suitable for trekking. Now introducing the classic hikes in Tibet, we want to help you like the donkey of hiking friends.
1, gangrenbo Qi mountain
gangrenbo Qi, one of the four holy mountain in Tibet. Here was hailed as the world’s Center of Tibetan Buddhism, annually in July or August, the believers at home and abroad, regardless of distance, to Mt. Around the mountain of God turn around, you can eliminate sins on his body, going 108 laps, you can present and future Buddhahood.
high altitude here, an average of 4,700 meters, but in zhuomalashankou, 5,630 meters high above sea level. And the weather here is not stable, and easy to change. If you are into hiding near the tourist, it is not recommended to walk here. In July or August, were devotees come here to go mountain season, at other times, only good weather, there can also be many devotees here mountain. Follow them on foot mountain, it is difficult to get lost, but also more secure.
around the Kailash on foot, generally have two days, if the physical difference, time may take more than one or two days.
2, Lhasa-monastery-yangbajain
This is a mature line, traveling on foot, many people will choose.
monastery, is in four of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism Temple, is the ancient Karmapa (Po King) stationed in Tin. Yangbajain, concentration of geothermal resources in Tibet, has now developed a spa resort.
to go this route, along the way you can see the prairie landscape, mountain views, the yangbajing, you can also enjoy the hot springs. After walking tiring, bubble of a hot spring bath is enjoyed.
yangbajing some 90 kilometers away from Lhasa, the road is not difficult, can walk 2, 3 days.
3,-Ganden monastery-Lhasa youth practice Park-Samye
this line is of Tibetan Buddhist places of worship, religious atmosphere is thick.
Ganden monastery, Tibetan Buddhism is one of four sent six of the Gelug monastery, also known as the progenitor of the Gelug monastery. Practice Green Park, here are Tibetan Buddhist ascetic holy sites, is one of the four hidden shrines of Tibetan Buddhism, legend, Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava is here to practice. A temple, only with the Buddha, the law, monks can be truly called Temple, Samye monastery is the first Buddhist temple in Tibet’s history.
this line, but you can understand Tibetan Buddhism, only can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the South, you can sort of hikes is a combination of natural and human. Go this route, you generally need to 4-5 days.
4, Shigatse Gamal trench foot
This is a very dangerous hikes, generally only senior hiking players and dare to go.
although this route is dangerous, saying: the infinite landscape in the perilous peak. This line is within the nature reserve of Mount Qomolangma, the scenery is amazing, here referred to as “the most beautiful valley in the world”, “one of the top ten Classic Hikes of the world”.
this line is difficult, high above sea level, climate change, and sparsely populated, so most people are afraid to go to, only the top outdoor players dared to. However it is because of these difficulties, conquering feeling can give to people. Because the line is not mature, danger, and the appalling conditions in, cover the distance takes about 10-15 days.
5, Zay-down from gongshan Yunnan,
look at this name is unfamiliar, but says everyone reNgarized the ancient tea and horse. Not only has beautiful natural scenery, the rich historical and cultural heritage also worthy of your exploration. Still have a walk on the ancient caravan in this, but this road has to be prepared, may have been devoid of caravans will also cease to exist.
caravans were previously in a group only dared to take this road, if you are traveling on foot, also need to be a wizard is, after all, this route but wearing mountain ridge. With a normal walking speed, cover the distance, you need at least a month or so, this requires that you have sufficient time and adequate funding and, of course, need your good enough physical strength and fitness otherwise they do not have to expect to go this route.
6, motuo County foot
of motuo County, many people long for this place. The traffic here is unchanged, is currently the country’s only access to the highway of the county-level city. However, the sole will be cancelled, in 2012, medog has opened the first road. For many like hiking, for anyone who likes medog, which is a pity, but as far as medog people, this is a boon.
anyway, here are places on foot is well worth a visit. This hidden Lotus Flower for you to reach.

Medog, snow-capped mountains, swamps, and appalling conditions. Tourists in case of many here, must have sufficient experience of wizards, at the same time to make adequate preparations, can be foot medog. In medog on foot, at least a week or so to arrive.
7 and the Lhozhag County of Shannan Prefecture: the color village-Bai MNgarin measures
in addition to Samye monastery-practicing Green Park of Shannan Prefecture after the hikes, there is a line from the Heung Yee Kuk to Bai MNgarin wrong. Saikagutuo Temple is the most famous Temple Lhozhag County Shannan, is the progenitor of the Kagyupa Temple. Bai MNgarin is a very famous Lake South of wrong, Kula kangri is located in the South of the highest mountain under the mountain of God. It is said that from this lake you can see their past and present, many people will come here to view.
from saikagutuo Temple all the way to Bai MNgarin wrong above sea level is not very high, and very beautiful scenery on the road. If you don’t want to walk, you can also rent horses to ride in nearby villages, it is also a good experience. Route difficulty is not high, and the roads are good, usually about 2 days to complete the trip.
8, kajiusi foot
in Shannan Prefecture lakangzhen of Lhozhag County, also has a hiking routes, is kajiusi foot. The line easier, basically goes around the temple on foot. Behind the temple, there is a Canyon, called Lacan’s Canyon. From Canyon can up the Hill, but the slope is steep, if members have read Huashan natural barrier climbing the road know, than the mountain’s steep here.
master Padmasambhava spiritual here hole, mid-levels there was a nunnery. Although very difficult, but the mountain also is relatively easy. Here is similar to prayer mountain on foot a day you can get.
9, and Maizhokunggar County: Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle Springs-Temple of Venetian ladder
there are three hot springs in Tibet: the yangbajing Hot Springs Spa, day spa, Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle, and civilians in Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle Springs is one of the most popular hot springs. Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle hot springs is a hot spring, divided into pools for men and women, but with stone masonry walls across the. Residents in the vicinity will come here in hot springs, and are naked bath, without any clothes on his body. Walking tired, bubble Spa enjoyment is also very good here.
Venetian terrace Temple, is the most famous burial here, is one of the world’s three major celestial burial. Often a burial to be held here, but we should be on the Tibetan heart of this custom remains in awe and respect, just went to visit. Between Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle hot spring and Temple of Venetian ladder only dozens of kilometers, an hour can go by bus, on foot, one can go to.
10, tie Mt-cuoga Lake
tie day Kamiyama, is one of the famous in Tibet who, located between Longzi County Shannan and Cuona County.
on online versions of many of the mountain of God, we don’t have to pursue what is authentic, only need to know here is Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu, Bon, Jainism together to worship God. Here is where God monkeys live, from year to year, many believers to pilgrims at home and abroad. Cuoga Lake, is the ancient holy Lakes of the Karma Kagyu, was flying fairy’s place of residence.
magical mountain scenery, lake views, walking along is a feast for the eyes. Go Hill go here Lake, not far from the road, as long as four or five days to walk around.
11, Namtso foot
Namtso, one of the three Holy lakes in Tibet, are called tianhu.
Acid blue beauty here, snow-capped mountains scenery will make you mind losing. Every Tibetan goat, Dafa Conference will be held here, believers are pilgrims go here around the Lake. By this time, thousands of people around the Lake, recited Om mani padme hum, go you might charge certain ones, so you can’t forget the scene.
Lake in the Nam co Lake measures go, seemingly easy, but because the high altitude here, wuqianlai meters, and the Lake is large, the distances. Around the Lake on foot a week, about ten days or so.
these are classic hikes in Tibet, you can choose according to their needs and journey to, it is best to know in advance all aspects of the situation and make full preparations, hiking so you will have more fun.


Travel to Tibet for the first time what needs attention


travel to Tibet for the first time, what does need attention. Here, a list of first trip to Tibet-related issues and considerations, want to travel to Tibet can look!
1, went to Tibet to do exercise before?
Tibet travel fear most is the altitude sickness, so you will want to do some exercises before Tibet. In fact, altitude sickness and able-bodied are not necessarily linked and adapt and adjust the capacity of the body, does not need to deliberately go to exercise. If you do not rest assured, for aerobic exercise can also be a month or two in advance, some jogging exercise, but to rest a week before departure, not to conduct exercises.
2, who did not fit to?
poor Tibet plateau environment of Tibet, into the possession of the body has certain requirements. Generally, most people to Tibet tourism are is no problem of, in addition to some people body suffers from serious disease of, such as following several class people: 1. suffers from heart disease, and blood and brain vascular disease of; 2. suffers from various of respiratory disease of; 3. suffers from epilepsy, and spirit split and no control of diabetes; 4. has has had plateau disease of, as plateau edema, and plateau brain edema, and plateau heart disease,; 5. high-risk pregnant women; 6. suffers from serious cold, and fever or respiratory infection of.
3, what is altitude sickness symptoms?
high altitude reaction depending on the human body has the difference between mild and severe, mild headache, ringing in the ears, difficulty in breathing, symptoms such as malaise, and insomnia, physical adaptation, such as disappearing; serious symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, face purple with rage, diarrhoea, which is best treated by medication or seek medical advice, so as to avoid serious consequences.
4, how to prevent altitude sickness? Altitude sickness how to mitigate?
medicine has a lot to prevent altitude sickness, consult a doctor can tell you just go to the pharmacies. Rhodiola is most familiar with, capsules, oral liquids, there are prototypes of rhodiola can be soaked in water to drink. These preventive medicine generally take around ten days in advance, little Tibet before taking effect.
sometimes even taking a preventive drug, but the high is inevitable, that what is being done to mitigate, reduce their pain. Mitigation of high anti-drugs, Radix panacis quinque folii inosine oral liquid, tablets or muscle liver Gao Yuanan; if you have a headache, Pak Ning served, so we need to take painkillers, glucose also has a certain effect on altitude sickness.
altitude sickness is to lay on bed rest after, reduced movement, eating light, if severe, can take the form of oxygen, but oxygen is not the best way.
5, have a cold it is best not to go to Tibet
why can’t go to Tibet are cold? When cold, pulmonary and tracheal inflammation occurs, but this time the poor resistance of the body, less oxygen at high altitude, relatively dry, cold easily deteriorate, the common cold becomes pneumonia or bronchitis, pulmonary edema, so everybody is unwilling to bear the consequences. If you have a cold, cure a cold restart.
6, when to go to Tibet the best?
throughout the year, from May to October is the best season in Tibet, warm and not hot. But this is also peak season for tourism in Tibet, the visitors very much, consumption is also associated with this water bed up high, you travel more than consumer spending. From November to April of the following year, although colder, but sunshine is good during the day, will also be very warm. This time very few tourists, you see typical Tibetan style.
7, Tibet choose what is good?
in Tibet there are mainly three ways: cars, trains and aircraft. Car consumption time long, consumption expenditures also comparison high, but body on plateau of adaptation has a comparison long of time; train into reservoir of time more car short, and can subparagraph into reservoir, consumption expenditures at least, body is can slowly adaptation altitude of height, reduced high anti-of probability; aircraft into reservoir just several hours on can, but altitude of changes comparison violent, high anti-of occurred of probability is Supreme of, by needs of spent also many.
8, what needs to be the border of Tibet permits?
Tibet while lot mix are keen to go to, but not all places are free to go to some places need a border permit to go.
access to the needed border card has the following:
rikaze: Zhongba County, the Republic Saga County, Nyalam County, the Republic Dingri County, the Republic Kangmar County, Yadong County, Gamba County, the Republic Dingjie County, Jilong County;
of Shannan Prefecture: linzhi Prefecture in Cuona County, and Longzi County, the Republic Lhozhag County, Nagarz锚 County;
: Mainling County, and long County, the Republic Chayu County, Ngari area, Motuo County;
: Burang County, and tie in daxian And, rutog County, and Gar County;
if you have a vNgarid passport and exit visa and, in some cases without border permits, have to show your Passport, where specific, please consult the Tibetan border defence corps.
9, Tibet border card do?
border card there are two places you can go through, one is in their accounts to the local public security Department, one to Lhasa for the Frontier Corps who. In public Security Bureau processing as the own account, are convenient and are generally free of charge, some places will charge a few bucks fee; Lhasa, xigaze and nyingchi can apply for the border issue, but procedure is too much trouble, if he ran, and more time and energy consumption. The best is to find a local travel agent Commission, generally 100 dollars a piece, will be vNgarid for one month.

Tibet's environment


10, arrived in Tibet to pay attention to?
just arrived in Tibet, it is best not to rush to play elsewhere, it is best to rest, playing everywhere in the city, make the body adapt to the high altitude environment. In General, come to the baths is not recommended on the day, early break. Relatively dry on the plateau, many people came to Tibet is prone to bleeding, doctors found some cream coloured lubricating the nasal cavity can be, there is to drink plenty of water and eating eat light.
11, summer what is the climate in Tibet, what clothes you should wear?
when compared with other tourist cities in the Mainland, Tibet refreshing in summer, when temperatures during the day are at about 25 degrees, night fell to ten in the vicinity, the difference is a bit large. Is best to wear long pants long sleeve during the day, and pay attention to the Sun, and have just added a coat in the evening. July or August are two seasons in the rain set in Tibet, but are basically the Sun during the day, evening rain, but carry bag with rain gear is also good, just in case. Tibet
12 the Sun is very strong, how to Sun?
Tibetan plateau area relatively dry, less water vapor in the atmosphere, the cloud is less, less ultraviolet reflection effect, ultraviolet rays to reach the ground. Outdoor travel in Tibet time, pay attention to the Sun, in addition to wearing long clothing pants, bring a hat, sunglasses, there are outside the mask or masks, but also to their skin with high SPF sunscreen. There is to drink plenty of water, in the plateau water loss of activity to be more serious.
13 travel to Tibet, and winter does it fit? Will be very cold?
of Tibet is very beautiful in winter, at high altitude in the mountains are covered with a thick layer of snow, in the warm winter sunshine, amazing. On the temperature, Tibet is ten degrees below zero in winter to about lingshangshidu, compared to most cities in the North are warm, and sunny during the day, very warm. In most parts of Tibet, clothes wear down as long as the thickness is sufficient, unless Ngari, nagqu, the temperature is below ten degrees below zero.
at this time even though cold, relatively few tourists come to Tibet for sightseeing, spending costs are relatively low. In addition to a number of attractions outside because heavy snows seal off road go, other attractions are going to play.
14, winter (off-season) to what’s there to do in Tibet?
winter trip to Tibet, although rather cold, but relatively high season, accommodations, dining, attractions and pounds less people, also there are a lot of favorable price, tourism spending is a lot less. In winter, it was most keen on wandering in the city. Suntan in front of the square of the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, in the Street go free. Good weather is not controlled, you can go to Namtso, Everest, this time prices are also much cheaper. Can also go to the hot springs, the yangbajing Hot Springs Spa, day spa, Germany and Jones Lang LaSalle, watching snow falling at a Spa is a great enjoyment in life.
15, in winter you can go to Everest, Namtso is?
winter weather when times are good, as long as there is no seal off road closures, General can go to. But not for the night, one above the cold, also near the hotel, restaurant will close out the period. If you encounter seal off road, it would have to stay in Lhasa.
16, in Tibet, how is cell phone signal?
in most parts of Tibet, now cover mobile phone signal, more in urban areas, don’t worry, all aspects of integrated information, mobile signal is better. If it is a remote place, in some places may not signal if you want to go, be prepared.
17, Tibet area Bank to get money more convenient, take what the bank card is better?
in the Tibetan region as a whole, agricultural Bank and postal savings is the most convenient. In Lhasa, in addition to these two, there are Bank of China, the China Construction Bank more outlets than many of the banks, the industrial and commercial bank, but now only four points.
18, hiking a ride in Sichuan-Tibet line needs a few days?
now more and more people like hiking a ride into Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet line, South and North lines, scenery in the South along the lines better than the North, so most have chosen the southern route. At the time, smoothly, and there is no delay, 1.5 weeks to Lhasa.
19, how many days riding a Tibetan from Chengdu to
time spent riding road reservoir, according to the individual strokes, physical strength, road conditions, is different, the time is not the same. In General, the interval time from 15 days to 30 days is everyone, average is about 20 days.
20, along the Sichuan-Tibet line accommodation: how?
along the Sichuan-Tibet line is a small County, town, village, basic accommodation can be met. Good star-rated hotels, General is a guest house, hotel, Inn and family, and if you are lucky, you can stay in Tibetan home. Driving or riding on the Sichuan-Tibet line, without worry about the accommodation problems.
21, Sichuan-Tibet line danger?
Sichuan-Tibet line let people listen to the awesome line of titles–death, but its beautiful scenery, many people still prefer Sichuan-Tibet. However, this title has been is far away from reNgarity, cash after refurbishment, the situation has been much better. But during the rainy season when sections of debris flow is still pretty much, you want to pay attention to safety. There are two paragraphs are the most dangerous: the natural barrier through wheat, only during the rainy season when it is more dangerous, often quite good; there is a turn ediacara Hill 99, down here is very dangerous, to be very careful.
22, new reservoirs online accommodation and how to eat?
new on the Ngari area, Tibet line crossing, most of them belong to the no man’s land, compared with Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan and Tibet, accommodation and dining environment is indeed lagging far behind. Self-driving traveling faster, you can quickly go to each County, and meals can be a very good solution; if you are riding, the availability of enough food, sleeping bags and tents, along the way may have resolved to eat live issues.
23 have direct flights to Lhasa, which cities in the Mainland?
in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Lanzhou and XI ‘ an, Xining,
24 in diqing, Tibetan has several airports?
a total of four airports in Tibet, Lhasa gonggar airport, nyingchi, qamdo bangda airport at MILIN airport, Ngarikunsha airport, you can choose according to where they want to go to places.
25, from the airport to the city?
Lhasa gonggar airport around 100 kilometers from the town, usually there are direct air bus, about 1.5 hours to downtown, the fare is 25. Or you can take a taxi, but prices are more expensive, typically more than 100 more. The third is to find someone to carpool, private van, usually around 30 yuan per person.
26, which cities to Lhasa train? How long a trip?
in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Xining and Lhasa, opened a direct train, Beijing is a daily train to Tibet, a trip made by the other place is the next day.
27, and out of Tibet by train tickets were hard to buy?
Tibet train tickets are relatively easy to buy all year round, especially during the Tibet tourism season from May to October, particularly hard to buy, it is ten days in advance booking. Reservoirs in the low season, but this time, more difficult to buy in the peak season. When in season, both in Tibet and in the reservoir, if they can’t buy votes, can be commissioned travel agencies to buy tickets.
28, from the railway station to the city?
the train station there are direct buses in the urban area, 1, 13, 14, fare is one dollar. Lhasa bus at nine o’clock in the evening and then you have, if you caught the train, it would have been only took a taxi to the urban areas. A taxi is typically 30-40, looking for a carpool can share fare, a little cheaper.
29, Lhasa has an international youth do? What price?
in Lhasa, international youth, there are three, Dong Cuo, the Republic pingcuokangsang, and Namu, Dong Cuo on Beijing East Road, Phintso qingnian road, is near the Jokhang Temple. Price, bed 30-80 day, cheaper off-season; single rooms, standard rooms 80-300 (wanggui light)
30, Lhasa-star hotels of what conditions? What price?
in Lhasa, a variety of star-rated hotels, floating up and down price according to season. In General, the three-star hotel about 150-500 Yuan, four star at 600-1400 Yuan, five-star hotels of 2500-3500 Yuan. Accommodation condition is very good, and there is little difference in the Mainland. Hotel reservation, off-season housing do not tension, so came to housing; high season, when accommodation is very tense, it is best to book ten days in advance, so as not to delay their trip.
31, Tibet among Tibetan meal or what?
in Tibetan areas, in addition to local Tibetan meal, most from Sichuan, in the streets, there are also various halal noodle house. Cuisine here in the Mainland are basically now, there are a few characteristics of the food supply, such as the Nepal food, India and Western meals. No Kentucky Fried chicken, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut fast food here, only Germany g.
32, Tibetan meal have?
Tibetan meal here and the local farming and farming-related, common are as follows: radish stew yak meat, lamb blood sausage, lamb chops, cold Tibetan pig, one forest fruits meal, tsampa, Chinese caterpillar fungus tricholoma Matsutake chicken, fried barley with butter, auspicious conch, mixed rice with yogurt, beef curry, quick-boiled sausage, dried beef.


What clothes you wear in Tibet


of visitors to Tibet are often confused because of travel to Tibet to what to wear. This article from when you come to Tibet to attractions to go to guide to dressing to make some introductory remarks.
Tibet spring (March-May):
of visitors to Tibet are generally a central peach, Tibet was a slight chill at this time. Because it is a travel, more action, recommends wearing loose clothes and trousers of sportswear or casual wear, shoes and light comfortable. Travel to Tibet at this time t-shirt you can wear thick plus general thermal underwear and cotton coat, pants sportswear autumn pants plus a thin point, underwear cotton comfort-oriented.
Tibet summer (June-August):
at this time of Tibet entered has tourism season, Sun brilliant, temperatures comfortable, in Lhasa words day can wearing long sleeve compassionate, leisure pants; at this time Namtso also thaw has, to Ngari, medog, area walking of people also more has, if to these high altitude area of words to with Shang sweater, down, warm clothing, these local of night temperatures may fell below zero several times, shoes words recommendations high help outdoor shoes more suitable.

Tibet autumn (September-November):
the autumn scenery of Tibet is very nice, different colors then tilted down from the mountains on foot Ngari, motuo County routes also, if Ngari these high altitude areas to bring a sweater, warm clothing, such as jackets, night temperatures can drop to below zero degrees in these areas. As Lhasa, linzhi area, such as wearing a thick coat of thick thermal underwear, pants recommended autumn pants shorts thick point, shoes recommended for outdoor shoes more suitable.
winter in Tibet (12-in February the following year):
of Tibet like a sleeping child in the baby, there is a calm quiet beautiful. Tibet’s tourists at this time simply wants to enjoy the snow-covered plateau style and feel the warm sunshine here. At this point, Ngari medog, Namtso and other parts have snow road closures not suitable for tourism. The Jokhang Temple Square during the day the Sun is a very pleasant thing, with night temperatures reach below zero degrees in the morning, clothes to plus sweaters, down jackets, suggests thick pants sports pants coupled with warm autumn pants can protect against the winter very well. Shoes and cotton moisture recommend hard-soled shoes.
clothing Guide for travel to Tibet more than some believe that everyone has a certain amount of help, General, Tibet nor stuffy hot in summer, comfort, suitable for summer winter cold and bone-chilling cold nor the South of no North, in Lhasa, the Sun is a special enjoyment of happiness.
1, Tibet solar UV especially strong during the summer and the air is particularly dry, should complete the sunscreen skin care measures.
2, Tibet overall temperature difference between day and night is a larger, measures to prevent colds.
3, infirm chills should add appropriate clothing and being.
4, July, and August is the rainy season in Tibet, trekking tourists should guard against landslides, debris flows and other natural disasters.

What Tibet plateau reaction


to what altitude sickness in Tibet, many are worried about this problem. But in fact, altitude sickness is not so terrible, are often under the influence of emotions, only
good, there won’t be any problems.
whoever enters the Tibetan plateau, more or less, there will be some altitude sickness. Mild symptoms such as ringing in the ears headache, shortness of breath, malaise, severe symptoms are bad
heart, diarrhea, vomiting, when,.
a general sense, an altitude of 3-kilometer above area we can plateau. Thin air at high altitude, low oxygen content of the air, air pressure is low. From the Plains region or from
low altitude to high altitude areas, the body requires a process to adapt. Some of the obvious performance: breathing frequency, heart beat pulse accelerate. These are
physical performance of self-regulation, allow the body to adapt to the environment of the plateau. But if the body’s adjustment ability than the poor, it will appear, or altitude sickness for light or heavy
. Therefore we can before entering Tibet, can do some related measures, improving the body’s ability to adapt or adjust capacity, reduce or lower plateau reaction
rate or extent of reaction.
if you do not rest assured that in Tibet went to hospital for checks. Check item was mainly in the blood, heart, and dirty, and other important parts of the lung, see
or risk of disease. If it is severe anemia or high blood pressure, Tibet is not recommended, if not serious, you can consult medical advice,
preventive measures. Increase physical adaptation to high altitude and reduce or reduce the probability of altitude sickness, rhodiola can take, taking ten days in advance. Can medicine rhodiola root
soaked in water, or buy some finished medicines, capsules or oral solution.
after coming to Tibet, but there is no reaction or other symptoms cannot be ignored, but also not too worried, just a little attention. First came to Tibet’s
day and don’t do what sport, at the same time it is best not to take a bath, or most likely physical discomfort, which lead to altitude sickness. Eating light, drink
water. After their arrival to Lhasa, you can walk in the city, let the body adapt to the plateau environment, and then choose a different place to go. Itinerary when you can to
place at low altitude, such as nyingchi, Shannan, and then go somewhere else.
if the body had altitude sickness, you don’t have to worry too much. Minor, as long as the rest, relax, drink plenty of fluids, rest for a day or two to nothing.
fruit comparison of weight, that would take some high altitude medicine, such as Gao Yuanan, rest.

Gao Yuan


If particularly serious, it would be admitted or return home. But
those who travel to Tibet, high was only individual persons only, you do not have to filter.
after the trip to Tibet, you can try to drink butter tea, although the taste is special and strange, but altitude sickness also have a role.


Travel to Tibet, what things need to take


some friends because Tibet is not well understood, hearts would have wondered before the Tibet, Tibet travel needs with what things? Different means of travel need to take things differently, the following provide examples of popular in Tibet to carry some of the things, where there are not all, hope to add.
“dress” first we travel to Tibet is more concerned about what clothes you bring. Different times in Tibet, needed to dress different. Tibet during the spring and fall, fall of autumn clothing pants with thick dots. Tibet in the summer, with summer and thin jackets on, attention is required because UV is strongest in Tibet, to sunscreen, wearing short shorts, clothing is not recommended in Tibet. Friends of Tibet in the winter to bring EU good coat, down jacket, warm clothes. If you want to go to places like Namco, Everest, remember to bring thick clothes (Andes, down jackets), where temperatures are relatively low throughout. Of course, if you took the trouble, can also go to Lhasa to buy clothes.
“document” identity is away of essential documents, remember to put on. Who hadn’t taken so much money, post more of Tibet, can bring a postal card. Are rare in Tibet where there is a credit card, credit card used without. If you want to go to the border of Tibet, remember to bring a border permit, of course, can also be processed in Lhasa. Going to Nepal, I remember with visas on passports. If you are a student, servicemen, teachers, persons with disabilities, the Potala Palace season ticket, when the 200 Yuan, these groups have a 50 percent discount, remember to put on these documents.

Tibet Travel Tips


“medicine” proposals bring drug fever, colds, diarrhea medicine, high resistance against drugs, gunpowder, slipping daily may use drugs such as dayau, do not bring too much, everything with a little psychologically at ease, also prepared the way a rainy day.
“food” in particular train to Tibet friends, bring some food in the car quite necessary. Is the food not very good on the train, second is to eat more snacks can also kill some boring ride. Recommendations to bring chewing gum (xylitol), car wash very convenient, chew chewing gum as you brush your teeth! Is in need of attention do not eat in the car too mixed, beware of stomach upset, when the bathroom is not very convenient.
“wash” remember to bring cleansing kPa, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wash PA recommendations easy to dry, General Hostel does not provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, so she brings, also used on the trains. Shampoo, laundry detergent can buy it to Lhasa, local General Youth Hostel until they were in the sale.
“sunscreen” Tibet’s dry climate, UV, and remember to bring sunscreen, facial oils, lip balm and other skin care products. Bring a Sun Hat, sunglasses.
“electronic product” cell phones, cameras, MP3. You can listen to the song in the car, spending boring days. Mobile phone remember to alternate a few batteries, charge mobile phone on a train is not convenient.
trip to Tibet needs with what? Above is based on my own experience in Tibet some of the things to bring list, of course, where there are not all, needs to walk a friend, need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, compass and other outdoor products. I suggest you easy into Tibet, needs can be purchased locally to Lhasa.

Into Jokhur Temple (Lhasa, Tibet)


Because the few people into Tibet, prices are cheaper than peak season for tourism is
, Tibet should pay attention to protection against cold and freezing conditions at this time.

summary: If was asked I several month to Tibet tourism comparison good Ah, I will told you, if tourists is see Humanities attractions of
words to Tibet tourism less by season climate of effect, if is see natural landscape words May to September of Tibet of landscape
is most beauty of, but at this time is tourism season, especially July, August, this two months is tourism season in the of season, brigade
tour prices skyward, season of travel is to the benefit of other more remote mountains easy company chartered; if you want to see Tibet
desolation, that’s winter in Tibet, have some flavor.



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